Mitsubishi Electric pins and reinforces its No.1 air-conditioner market leader.
Mitsubishi Electric pins and reinforces its No.1 air-conditioner market leader.
Bangkok February 19, 2020: Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Company Limited plans to launch new products in 3 categories namely air-conditioner, refrigerators and electrical fans showcasing with cutting edge technology quality products, energy saving and eco-friendlyThe company has launched new air-conditioner model with PM2.5 filter technology to ensure confidence and safety standard and cope with PM 2.5 pollution problem. The company also debuts its first logistics hub in Lampang to cover the services in 12 provinces for more convenience, speed and higher effectiveness for customerssatisfaction. It will continue to expand its customer base throughout Thailand. It will upgrade its after sales service nationwide and enhance brand awareness with new TV commercial with Pope-Thanawat as partner/presenter for the 6th year. The company projects the sale growth by 8% or 16,700 million baht.
Mr. Yasushi Moriyama, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. said that the company will continue to operate its business under United Nation’s “SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals” with priorities on quality product development and creating innovations unique to Mitsubishi Electric in parallel with safety, energy saving and environmental friendliness in order to effectively reach and respond to the requirements of consumers. At the same time, the company operates its business with social responsibility by cooperating with private and public organizations to carry out the social activities to enhance quality of life and sustainably develop Thai society. This is in line with “Changes for the Better” corporate statement.
The year 2020 will mark Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Japan’s 100th anniversary of operation. We are always committed to operate our business with social responsibility to enhance the quality of life so as to achieve our sustainable development growth with aims to successfully grow our business to reach the sales over 5 trillion Yens within this fiscal year.
Despite the slowdown in economy during 2019 from the decrease in export and domestic consumption, Thailand’s air-conditioner market with worth over 30 billion Baht continued to grow around 6% both in home and commercial-use segment. For Mitsubishi Electric during last year, both home-use air-conditioners and water pumps are very popular. We did also launch the new air-conditioner models with “Fast Cooling” function and effective PM2.5 pollutant detector and filter technology feature.  The new air-conditioner purchase trend survey found that over 50% of the consumers still choose Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners
which reinforced our product quality and standard. This will lead to our sales target achievement of 15,500 million Baht or 7% growth from last year in the fiscal year 2019 which will end on March 31, 2020.
Mr. Praphon Potivorakun, Deputy Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd., said “We have actively upgraded our after sales service and developed service center contact channel via “Hot Line 1325” so as to set premium standard and experience for its customers. Such operation has gained positive response from the customers. They are also so impressed by the service.  The company will continue to increase the number of service centers to cover new areas so as to make our service conveniently available to wider group of customers. In the fiscal year 2020, it will invest over 30 million Baht to upgrade the competency of Mitsubishi Electric service centers by appointing new Mitsubishi Electric service centers to cover new service areas nationwide including the service centers for B2B customers, Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office in Phuket, Chiang Mai,Udon Thani, Cholburi and Nakorn Si Thammarat and planned to open another new branch this year to cover a wider reach and more convenience.  At the same time, the company has extended technical and product issue consulting time by Mitsubishi Electric technician so that they can solve immediate problem through “Hot Line 1325” during 08.30 – 19.00 hr. everyday. We offer Express Team Service, home use air-conditioner service within 24-hour after service notification through “Hot Line 1325” within Bangkok Metropolitan region by certified technician and spare parts from Mitsubishi Electric. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric has invented “Smart Service Tool”, special tool kit designed to precisely, quickly and more effectively examine and diagnose the irregularities of Mitsubishi Electric Inverter System air conditioner through Mobile Application developed to shorten the working time of the technicians so as to increase speed and effectiveness of customer services.
We have also been certified by Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor to set up Skill Standard Testing Center for Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning Technician level 1 where the tests for the appointed service centers’ technicians, dealers’ technicians and independent technicians will be started from this coming April onward.  The center is aimed to enhance the technicians’ competency so that they have skills and capability that would lessen the loss, increase safety of life, property and environment as well as professional stability.  As a consequence, our company would be a part in helping educating and developing quality technical personnel who can render standard services.  In addition, the company actively enhance personnel competency through training on various service skills so that the can carry out their works with quality standard for customers’ safety and convenience which is the major step towards highly professional service. Such services would truly reflect our attention and reinforce our image as No.1 top of mind brand which Thai consumers trust for a long period of time.”
Mr. Takashi Fujiki, Director and General Manager Marketing and Sales Division, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. said “The household electrical appliance market today reflects the requirements of consumers who pay attention to every detail. The consumers’ behavior has apparently evolved and led to more market evolution. Therefore, the company focuses on “Business-to-Consumer” or B2C marketing in its 3 main categories namely air-conditioner, refrigerator and ventilating fan so as to directly reach the target consumers by offering innovations and technologies in line with the customers’ usage. As for Business-to-Business or B2B segment, the company focuses on expanding to large provinces in line with the infrastructure system expansion such as shops, hotels, etc. according to the consumers’ requirement.  Moreover, the company has launched Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim R32 INV Series which is a new large split-type inverter air-conditioner with high energy saver technology. The company also prepares to cope with the future technology evolution and B2B business expansion. These are what Mitsubishi Electric has recognized and regarded as its core strategy this year to enhance customers’ experience and retain its leadership in premium segment. Moreover, the company plans to expand its customer base nationwide.  It has opened Mitsubishi Electric Smart Hub Lampang with the area of 5,000 square meters to improve logistic system covering 12 northern provinces with aims to speedy delivery and better serve the customers’ satisfaction in every way. This would expand its sales channel comprehensively including dealers, modern trade, hypermarkets and large real estate projects. It also plans to upgrade its after sales service and widen its coverage nationwide.
In fiscal year 2020, the company has projected the sale over 16,700 million baht.  The new product launches under 3 categories will reiterate its “Changes for the Better” corporate statement with commitment to offer simple and convenient consumers’ lifestyles.  We also give priority to environmental conservation with the launch of new products including:
  • Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Air-conditioner JS Series and KS Series (Happy Inverter) The new models feature “Fast Cooing” technology to increase coolness with only one button. This feature has received a good feedback from the consumers during the past year. They also come with remote controls which are able to show “error code” to enable more precise initial irregular functioning detection. Moreover, our air-conditioners are equipped with effective PM2.5 air-filter technology to filter PM2.5 dust with electrostatic for cleaner and purer air (only for GR series and as additional accessories for JS Series and KS Series).
  • Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Large Split-Type Air Conditioner with R32 cooling agent coming with new 13,000 BTU in PLY, PCY and PEY Series. This model features high energy saving technology.
  • Smart Freeze (Glass Edition) Refrigerator The 3-door inverter system refrigerator is elegant with safety glass door. It features “Super Chilling” technology offering simply and convenient lifestyle so the owner can cook without having to defrost. The new refrigerator model helps save the energy with Neuro Inverter system. FC Series 2-door Inverter System Refrigerator has increased its food storage capacity up to 10 liters. Smart J Defrost 1-door Refrigerator comes with genius defrost system and its control panel on the exterior for convenient usage.
  • Electric Fans come with increased premium safety standard providing 3-pin plug with ground wire to prevent electrical shock from short circuit. They also have metal switch covers for more confidence with premium safety standard.
“For our marketing communication during this fiscal year, we will focus on proactive marketing to better reach our target group. We will put more weight on on-line marketing effort as well as using “BIG DATA” to analyze and apply to our digital marketing approach so that we can effectively communicate and cater to our customers’ requirement and their behaviors and to reflect “The Cooling Master” image. We will also widely build up our brand awareness via sport marketing. In our 2020 campaign, we feature the consumer confidence and recognition of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners and refrigerators in our new TV commercials. The customers from different age groups reiterated their confidence in the brand with cute confirmation act, familiar jingle and Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioners and refrigerators to complete the scene. The 2 new TVC for this year will once again have Pope-Thanavat, popular actor as partner presenter who represent the real user under “It’s apparently good, I can guarantee it and I believe that it’s the real thing”. The mentioned marketing strategies will help grow our business whilst providing consumers with options and solutions to their lifestyles. It will boost our sales to reach the target. In addition, we have planned sales and marketing promotion activities that would meet the requirements of each target customer group.
We are confident in our marketing effort which would successfully drive the sales growth by 16,700 million baht” concluded Mr. Takashi Fujiki.