3D Move Eye Human Senser(MSZ-LN18VF)
3D Move Eye Human Senser
Aesthetics of design Reflecting the uniqueness of modernity.
Superior with modern design Air conditioners LN Series With intelligent technology Inverter system Energy saving
สี : 1. red 2. black 3. white
- Inverter Provides maximum energy saving efficiency by reducing compressor cycles to achieve cool temperatures. Has precision PAM Control & PWM Control 2 Control technology.
- 3D Move Eye Human Sensor can find position of user and send cool air to them automatically.
- Variable Air Flow Lets the air flows to the left and right.
- Absence Detection The sensors detect whether there are people in the room. When no one is in the room, the unit automatically switches to energy-saving mode.
- Dual Barrier Coating Is the innovation of Mitsubishi Electric product. Which are coated on the inside with air conditioning parts. To reduce the capture of dust and oil mist and smoke cigarettes problems.
- Plasma Quad Plus Is a plasma-based filter system that effectively removes four kinds of air pollutants; namely, bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust, which the air contains particles 2.5 micron.
- Indirect /direct The indirect airflow setting can be used when the flow of air feels too strong or direct. The direct airflow setting can be used to directly target airflow at people
- Auto Off Automatically shutdowns the product when someone is not in the room.
- Night Mode Adjust the volume down 3dB to fit the rest.
- i Save Mode Records the mode of operation from the temperature setting to save energy.
- Cooling /Heating Can provide both coolness and warmness in the same machine. It makes you feel comfortable every season.
- Refrigerant R32 Is designed to be Environmentally friendly the Reduce greenhouse effect. so not to destroy the atmosphere.
- Warranty  5 years warranty for Compressor. 3 year for Fan coil and Condensing and 1 year for spare parts.
Cooling capacity (BTU/h)
20,472 (3,412 - 20,472)
SEER (Btu/h/W)
EGAT level 5
Cooling : Capacity Rated (kW)
5.3 (1.0 - 6.0)
Heating : Capacity Rated (kW)
5.8 (1.0 - 8.0)
Power Supply
220 V. / Single Phese / 50 Hz
Microprocessor Control
Automatic Temperature Control
Timer Switch
Weekly Time
Remote Control Switch
Indoor Fan Speeds
Blow Fan Indoor
Line Flow Fan
Blow Fan Outdoor
Dimensions Indoor (H x W x D)
307 x 890 x 233
Dimensions Outdoor (H x W x D)
714 x 800 x 285
Weight Indoor
Weight Outdoor
Piping Size : Liquid (mm.in)
6.35 (1/4)
Piping Size : Gas (mm.in)
12.7 (1/2)
Piping Size : Max.Length / Max.Height (m)