Standard Inverter (MSY-JW09VF)
Standard Inverter
EGAT No.5 : 1 Star
Energy saving standards With coolness that anyone can touch.Air conditioner inverter system can save energy and cooling technology.
สี : white
- Inverter Provides maximum energy saving efficiency by reducing compressor cycles to achieve cool temperatures.
- Dual Barrier Coating is the innovation of Mitsubishi Electric product. Which are coated on the inside with air conditioning parts. To reduce the capture of dust and oil mist and smoke cigarettes problems.
- Fast Cooling Compare to “Powerful Mode”, new fast cooling mode can boost up compressor to the max frequency in quickest available time.
- Sleep Mode Reduce temperature slightly to support body to release heat while entering sleeping process.
- Error Code when the air conditioner has a problem. Can check through on the remote control.
- V Air Filter New dust filter. The specially designed molecular chemical coating, that has a reaction to eliminate viruses, common viruses, bacteria, molds, unpleasant odors, etc.
- PM 2.Technology for clean air Electrostatic filter catches and removes PM2.5 particles when air passes through the filter
- Quite Level 19 dB.
- 24 Hour ON/OFF Timer Scheduled 24-hour pre-programmed. 
- Refrigerant R32 is designed to be environmentally friendly the Reduce greenhouse effect. So not to destroy the atmosphere.
- Warranty card 5 years for Compressor. 3 year for Fan coil and Condensing and 1 year for spare parts.
Cooling capacity (BTU/h)
SEER (Btu/h/W)
EGAT level 5
Cooling : Capacity Rated (kW)
2.7 (0.8 - 2.9)
Heating : Capacity Rated (kW)
Power Supply
220 V. / Single Phese / 50 Hz
Microprocessor Control
Automatic Temperature Control
Timer Switch
24 Hr. ON / OFF Program
Remote Control Switch
Indoor Fan Speeds
Blow Fan Indoor
Line Flow Fan
Blow Fan Outdoor
Dimensions Indoor (H x W x D)
280 x 838 x 228
Dimensions Outdoor (H x W x D)
454 x 660 x 235
Weight Indoor
Weight Outdoor
Piping Size : Liquid (
6.35 (1/4)
Piping Size : Gas (
9.52 (3/8)
Piping Size : Max.Length / Max.Height (m)