The launch of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning “ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series”
The launch of Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioning “ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series”
Mitsubishi Electric reinforces its no. 1 most trusted brand in Thailand with the launch of air-conditioning “ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series” with “ECO EYE Sensor” genius technology for the first time. The new sensor will help create unsurpassed intelligent moment and energy saving.

Almost 50 years that Mitsubishi Electric has continued to be a part of Thai household. Most recently, the company has introduced new Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series with “Eco Eye Sensor” for more convenience and energy saving and Mitsubishi Electric 2-Door Refrigerator FC Series the Neuro Inverter with more shelf space. At the same time, the company will strengthen its IT system to connect with service centers nationwide to support fast and efficient after-sales service.
Mr. Shinji Kamiya, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. revealed that the current global COVID-19 pandemic crisis has not only had a direct impact on the people’s lives but it also affects all sectors of industry and world economy. Such situations have led to the slowdown of air-conditioning market and the total sales of the company in the fiscal year 2020 which is forecasted to be down by 4% as a consequence. However, we continue to retain the no.1 market share and top of mind brand in the room air-conditioning and water pump categories for another consecutive year. In 2021, The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and resulting in the change of consumers’ lifestyle so called “new normal”. Therefore, in 2021, the company will emphasize new products and technology development in response to the new normal consumers’ behavior. This year, we have developed the new model of air-conditioning “ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series” highlighting on “ECO EYE Sensor”, which is a genius sensor to detect the movement in the room. The new air-conditioning model helps raise the users’ comfort to another level while enhancing energy saving. In addition, there are also other functions such as Fast Cooling, PM2.5 filter. We also emphasize on the high standard aftersales service as well as improve the service speed to increase customer satisfaction across the country and strengthen the transport and logistics. Therefore, we project the sales growth over 19% within the fiscal year 2021.
“The year 2021 is regarded as a good year as we are approaching our 50th anniversary. The company is committed to drive sales and growth of commercial-use air-conditioning which is the segment that, we believe, still has the growth potential in the future. We have planned to expand the number of Mitsubishi Electric City Multi Customer Support Office branch from the existing 6 to 9 branches and increase the B2B ratio from currently 15% to 30% within the fiscal year 2025.  However, despite the uncertain situations, the company is committed to continue with its best effort to provide happiness and convenience for the consumers to ensure confidence and safety of life by Mitsubishi Electric quality products”.
Mr. Praphon Potivorakun, Deputy Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. said “The year 2020 had been a challenging year especially for our aftersales services. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has recognized the problem and was well aware of enhancing the consumers’ confidence by raising the safety level of our service to all customers with strict screening measure for all technicians prior to their duty in accordance with the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health guideline. We also strived to enhance the competency of our aftersales service operation. In the fiscal year 2021, we have planned to continue to strengthen our aftersales service with the upgrade of IT system to interlink our service centers nationwide to increase effectiveness and speed for the services in all areas covering Bangkok and other provinces. In addition, we have set up Skill Standard Testing Center for Residential and Light Commercial Air Conditioning Technician level 1 certified by Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labor.  The center is part of the cooperation with government sector to develop and support the skill of Thai technicians.  It would help reinforce our customers’ confidence in our services.
Mr.Takashi Fujiki, Director Executive General Manager – Marketing and Sales Division, Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Co., Ltd. said “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy of many sectors has been affected including electrical appliances market in Thailand. With the new normal lifestyle and people spending more time at home due to social distancing, e-commerce channel will grow over 150%. The consumption of inverter system air-conditioning was up by 73% over the last year and would be up to 80% in 2021. From the said trend, the company has focused on effective strategy development with regards to sales, distribution channel, marketing communication so as to better cater to the customers’ requirement as well as drive the sales of our core products including air conditioning, refrigerators and electric fans with new functions accommodating the comfortable lifestyle while saving energy. Most recently, the company has introduced new products as follows:-
  • Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Air Conditioning ECO EYE INVERTER XT Series highlighting on ECO EYE Sensor, which is a genius sensor to detect the movement in the room.  If there is no person in the room for more than 20 minutes, the air-conditioning will be automatically shifted to “Auto Save” mode. If there is no person in the room for over 1 hour, the air conditioning will be automatically shut off (Auto Off) and when the person is back in the room, the air conditioning will automatically be switched on (Auto On).  In addition, there are also other functions such as fast cooling, heathy living technology with PM2.5 filter for fresher air in every breath. It also features dual barrier coating technology to help reduce dust and oil spray attachment and Error Code function to enable more precise initial irregular functioning detection.
  • Mitsubishi Electric 2-Door Refrigerator MR-FC35ER:  The new 314 liter model with more shelf space.  It comes with Capsule door pocket that help keep things in order. The Neuro Inverter helps save energy.
This year, the company will focus its effort on sale support for dealers and modern trade in line with the evolving consumers’ behavior by expanding both Business to Customers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). As for marketing communication this year, the company will emphasize on reaching the target audience via online marketing platforms such as social media networks to reflect brand image. It will continue to enhance brand awareness with the introduction of new TVC campaign under “Energy Saving Technology for New Normal Life” presenting ECO EYE Sensor, the new genius sensor to detect the movement in the room so as to connect with daily life for energy saving, more comfort and catering to every consumers’ need. It reflects the modern and premium brand via Pope-Thanavat Vathanaputi, partner/presenter for the 7th consecutive year. The new TVC is expected to be on air from late February onwards.
Moreover, the company has planned other promotion activities and big campaign for our 50th anniversary, to thank consumers for their trust and choose to use Mitsubishi Electric appliances. We are confident that the deployment of various growth and marketing strategies so as to add more options and solutions to customers will bring about our success and drive the sales growth as targeted”, concluded Mr. Fujiki.