Products for Business
MR.SLIM Air Package
Suitable for restaurants, bars, shops, and small offices A variety of indoor unit types can be selected for various applications.
Commercial Air Package
An air conditioner that responds to the needs of large businesses with energy efficiency of up to 20 HP for both floor standing and duct ceiling concealed models suitable for offices, warehouses, and factories.
The ultimate in efficiency that responds to every need comprehensively with the innovation of Mitsubishi Electric. We are committed to continuously developing products for Thai people.
Hot Water Heat Pump
Produce heated water to meet the demands of all business sizes with new technology and environmentally friendly refrigerants.
Freedom in function selection both in terms of form and size, which can be expanded up to 360 HP. It comes with a 100% inverter system, reducing the impact on the environment by using R32 refrigerant. สูงสุดถึง 360 HP มาพร้อมกับระบบ Inverter 100% ลดผลกระทบต่อโลกด้วยการใช้สารทำความเย็น R32
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Energy Recovery Ventilator
Efficient ventilation and noise reduction without opening windows, as ventilation is possible while reusing the heat in the room. One Lossnay can both supply and exhaust air, further reducing energy loss.
Jet Towel
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Air Curtain
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Air Conducting Fan
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