Mitsubishi Electric launching the Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Air-conditioning
Mitsubishi Electric launching the Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Air-conditioning
Mitsubishi Electric Kang Yong Watana Company Limited actively offers quality products launching the latest Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Air-conditioning Eco Eye Inverter XT Series with outstanding Eco Eye Sensor advanced technology developed more convenience and energy saving to smartly facilitate the consumers in the new normal lifestyle era.

The Eco Eye Sensor can detect the movements in the room to lessen the unnecessary energy usage in case the users are not in the room for a long time. For example, if there is no person in the room for more than 20 minutes, the air-conditioning will be automatically shifted to “Auto Save” mode. If there is no person in the room for over 1 hour, the air conditioning will be automatically shut off (Auto Off). It will automatically be switched on again after the sensor detect that there is someone returning to the room (Auto On) without using remote control. This is easier and more convenient for the user while at the same time, it helps save the electricity cost.
XT Series comes with complete functions to accommodate consumers’ requirement in every dimension. For example, “Fast Cooling” for immediate cooling with one touch and it provide clean air for every breath with “PM 2.5 Filter” that can filter 99% of 2.5-micron dust particles with electrostatic filtration. Dual Barrier Coating helps reduce the attachment of dust so that the air-conditioning can fully function and reduce the necessities of air-conditioner cleaning.
In addition, there are many line-ups in the inverter group of Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim air conditioning products to serve various customers’ needs. They feature “Fast Cooling” technology which gain positive response from the customers for its immediate cooling in one touch as well as eco-friendliness and energy saving. The products are such as:
LN Series – This range features simply elegant design. It also combines state-of-the-art “3D Move-eye Human Sensor” technology which can precisely and thoroughly detect the temperature and movement with “variable air flow & wide air flow” to enable this air-conditioner to freely and evenly distribute the cool air. 
The air conditioner lessens unnecessary energy usage and offer the users another level of comfort with “Dual Barrier Coating” technology that helps reduce the attachment of dust and oil mist as well as lessen the burden of air-conditioner cleaning.
GT Series Model features immediate cooling with “Fast Cooling” technology and “PM 2.5 Filter” that help filter 2.5-micron dust particles. It also comes with “Sleep Mode” which is the technology for restful sleep as it helps control suitable temperature in the room so that you can have a comfortable sleep throughout the night. The model’s energy saving is guaranteed by Energy Saving Label No. 5 (2 stars).
JS Series model features “Fast Cooling” technology that enables increasing coolness with one button and “Dual Barrier Coating” technology that helps lessen the attachment of dust so that
the air-conditioner can work up to its full capacity. It helps energy saving and comes with remote control with “error code” display so that you can easily examine the irregular functioning of the air-conditioner by yourself.
KT Series model that enable you to enjoy immediate pleasant coolness in one button by “Fast Cooling” technology. You will be happy with the quality at an affordable price. There are many sizes to choose starting from 9,000-24,000 BTU.