PFV & PEV Series

An air conditioner that responds to the needs of large businesses
with energy efficiency of up to 20 HP for both floor standing and duct ceiling
concealed models suitable for offices, warehouses, and factories.

High energy efficiency with inverter compressor

The inverter compressor uses the features of a DC motor to increase energy efficiency. Partial heat load features have been improved by using a scroll compressor.

Comparison between air conditioners with an inverter system and non-inverter system.


Up to 20 HP with a single module and compressor

Increase the limitation of the refrigerant pipe length

Maximum pipe length 150 meters (70 meters for 8/10 HP).

The central control system is enabled by the M-NET control system

The M-NET system is designed to be conveniently controlled using a central control system, which enables centralized control under the conjunction with the CITY MULTI series VRF air conditioning system.