Modular Chiller - E-Series

Freedom in function selection both in terms of form and size,
which can be expanded up to 360 HP. It comes with a 100% inverter system,
reducing the impact on the environment by using R32 refrigerant.

Flat tube heat exchanger

We have improved the heat exchanger from
traditional copper pipes to a new specialized
aluminum pipe to enhance operational efficiency
and achieve a better energy saving rating as well.

Uses less space with lower installation cost

Reduce the use of equipment and installation space with the Inside Header (optional accessory) so that it can be installed in limited spaces. It can also eliminate the requirement of a reverse return piping layout because water pipes can be laid in a direct return style to save even more space.

Installation example of a built-in combined module

Use optional docking kits to connect units for easy installation.

Advantages of built-in combined pipes

It can reduce the pipe laying area and number of connections, simplifying the construction, and shortening the construction time.

Easy to maintain

The maintenance of the module is hassle-free. If maintenance or reparation is required, simply open the Ball Value of that module for reparation while other modules in the system continue functioning normally.

In Low Season condition

With Optimum Frequency Control, the system is able to calculate operating conditions that maintain the highest COP (energy efficiency) values, so that the system can be as energy efficient as possible during operation.