City Multi

The ultimate in efficiency that responds to every need
comprehensively with the innovation of Mitsubishi Electric.
We are committed to continuously developing products
for Thai people.

Energy Saving

Comparison of cooling efficiency of condensing unit between Mitsubishi Electric and competitors in the market.

  • Mitsubishi Electric (COP)
  • Competitior Brand B (COP)
  • Competitior Brand A (COP)

Comfortable : Innovation for convenience

Comfortable silence

We care to make your relaxation moments full of comfort with the special Low Noise/Quiet Mode function, which reduces the noise of the condensing unit in operation during the night and eliminates noise issues while resting.

Comfortably cool

With Rapid Mode function, you will feel the comfortable cool air 6% faster than before, no more issue with the slow cooling of air. The operation starts in full performance during the first 30 minutes, whereafter it will return to normal mode.

Comfortable environment

Feel the uninterrupted comfort with the Capacity Assist Mode, which adjusts the fan speed to rapidly dissipate heat and increase the cooling efficiency by 13%. The comfort is maintained while in use even if the outside temperature exceeds 38°C.

Space Minimizing : Reduced plant space

With the Smart working system from the design stage to facilitate the system installation to be more convenient, simpler, and economical in terms of space usage for every design.

Villas and Cottages

Air-cooled side-flow S series
Small footprint suitable for installation around buildings or even on the balcony.

Middle-rise Hotels

Air-cooled heat pump Y series
One outdoor unit connects up to 50 indoor units. Max total piping length of 1,000m provides flexibility to match requirement of various buildings.

High-rise Hotels

Water-cooled heat pump WY series
VRF system with a water circuit. The compact heat source units are installed in machine rooms on each floor suitable for high rise buildings.

Easy to Maintenance : Convenient and easy to maintain

CITY MULTI is designed to be outstanding in easy maintenance for both fan coil and condensing unit. In the event that there is an error with a fan coil unit, that fan coil unit can be turned off for maintenance while other fan coil units continue to function normally. This is different from competitors’ product in that when the fan coil unit has a problem, the entire system must be reset, resulting in disrupted continuity of use.

Reliability & Durability : Longevity and durable performance

Mitsubishi Electric is considerate of the efficiency and longevity of its products and is therefore committed to continuously improving quality and technology with a special type of Compressor (Low Pressure Shell) that has been developed to meet current usage needs to be more stable and durable.

SMART Controller : Modern command system

Raise the bar to the next level with technology that can be easily controlled wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet with just your fingertips.